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MCC Engineering Students Qualify for International Airplane Competition

Please congratulate the MCC Design, Build, Fly (DBF) team, The Griswolds as we have qualified for the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics annual DBF competition to be held April 20- 23, 2017 in Tucson, AZ.

This competition challenges collegiate student teams to design and build an electrically powered, radio controlled plane that must complete missions set by the organizers.  This year there is a speed mission, and a weight mission where teams carry as many hockey pucks as possible.  Lastly, the plane must be brought to the competition in a tube, unfolded and be flight ready shortly thereafter.

To qualify for the competition, teams had to submit a five page proposal.  Out of the 104 accepted proposals, MCC ranked 63rd.  Though we trailed luminaries such at Cornell, MIT, and RIT, we bested institutions such as Clarkson, RPI, and Penn State.  Next, all teams need to build their plane and submit a 60 page design report by February 22. 

The pictures shows Mr. Robert Juncosa (in the grey T- Shirt), a club officer from the Rochester Aero-Modeling Society, leading a build session in his basement.   Many thanks to him, and his organization for assisting our team.

Keep an eye out for our Crowdfunding campaign in the spring!

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Bertram Gamory
Engineering Science and Physics

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