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MCC & Social Media: Knowing the Rules

As we all know, social media are increasingly powerful tools that help us connect directly with current and prospective students and a broader external community that includes parents, friends, neighbors and other people of influence. Maybe your area of MCC has been thinking about developing an official social media presence, or perhaps even has one already established. We'd like to remind you of MCC's existing protocol.

MCC's social media protocol puts into place the steps needed to establish and manage an official MCC social media account. The protocol outlines processes including how to propose the creation of an account, how to establish an account's representation and connection to MCC, and what is needed to manage a social media account once created.

All new/proposed social media accounts representing any official unit of MCC (for example, a department, club or organization, College event, or academic program) should follow the steps outlined in the protocol, beginning with filling out the Social Media Account Proposal Form.

If your unit of the College has already established a social media account(s), the basic protocol still applies. Please follow the protocol steps. This will allow us to assist you in representing MCC, as well as let us know your account(s) exists so we can link to and share it appropriately.

Thanks so much for your help! Any questions? Please feel free to contact me any time at: or Ext. 3023.

Ekis, Janet
Marketing and Community Relations