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TCC (Downtown): Date change to 3/16! - ACEs, Trauma, and Resilience as it Relates to MCC Students...

TCC (Downtown): Spring Conversation #1 - ACEs, Trauma, and Resilience as it Relates to MCC Students and Bandwidth Recovery

Please join us on March 16, from 12:00-12:50 p.m., in DC room 404, for the first of the Teaching and Creativity Center's Downtown Campus Spring 2020 Conversations: "ACEs, trauma, and resilience as it relates to MCC Students and Bandwidth Recovery"

The 2019-20 TCC theme is A Year with Bandwidth Recovery: Helping Students Reclaim Cognitive Resources Lost to Poverty, Racism, and Social Marginalization by Cia Verschelden. Verschelden's book focuses on the deleterious effects that structural racism, economic scarcity, and social ostracism have on the brains and bodies of students.

Rachael Marinelli Tachco, Director of Rochester AmeriCorps, will facilitate a conversation on some of the obstacles student face that may interfere with learning. She will discuss adverse childhood experiences and other trauma and how these impact student populations at MCC. Attendees will take the ACEs and Resilience quizzes to examine ourselves in order to build empathy for others. Together we will discuss how to make our classrooms more equitable sites for learning.

All faculty and staff are welcome.

*Please note the date change. This event will be held 3/16 instead of the previously advertised 3/11.

Questions or comments? Please contact Erin Strobl or Jason Syzmanski, Downtown Faculty Co-Chairs for the TCC ( or


This event is designed to meet the following goal of the Teaching and Creativity Center:

  • Value our diversity and promote inclusivity


The particular outcomes for faculty are:

  • Expanding an understanding of equity and inclusion
  • Expanding awareness of student challenges and needs in order to provide a supportive, inclusive academic environment

Strobl, Erin