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Additional Power Outages Planned

In the next few days we will be undertaking several projects that involve the power to certain buildings on campus. We will be doing preparation work on Thursday, repair work next Tuesday, and final connections on the 28th and 29th. Please read below for the areas that will be affected.

Thursday night (12/22) at 6:00 pm we will be turning the power off to buildings 2, 3, and 21 to begin the upgrade process. This outage will last approximately 8 hours. The buildings will be repowered on a temporary generator system for the following week.

Tuesday morning (12/27) at 7:00 am we will be turning off the power to buildings 4 and 5 for an hour or less to make a small repair.

Either Saturday or Sunday (12/31 or 1/1) we will be turning off the power to buildings 2, 3, and 21 once again to reconnect the buildings to our new building power.

During these power outages, the buildings will be dark and items plugged into the outlets will be off. We strongly suggest that computers and peripherals be turned off for the week in buildings 2, 3, and 21 to prevent any damage from unexpected electrical events.   Good quality refrigerators should remain cold during the outages. Areas normally served by emergency power will continue to operate on emergency power during the outages.

Please let us know if these plans conflict with any events or other activities on campus. Any questions regarding the project can be directed to Blaine Grindle or Jim Charlton in Facilities.

Blaine Grindle
Facilities Engineering