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Building Services Hosts Monroe County Recycling Advisory Committee (RAC)

On Thursday, April 9, MCC hosted members of the Monroe County Recycling Advisory Committee’s April session (monthly). Fred McCullough, Director, Building Services, appointed via the President of the Monroe County Legislature, has represented MCC on the committee for several years.  The committee is made up of representatives from the county, city, and town governments, recycling/refuse professionals and businesses such as Diamond Packaging and Wegman’s, to name just two.

With a lot of help from an Administrative Services team, the guests remarked on how informative the presentations were.  As measured by the questions that were asked, there was a very high level of interest. In addition, folks stayed after the session to network, which is another indication of the energy created.  

The presenters and agenda:

Fred McCullough, Director, Building Services

MCC – Who We Are - Briefed the group on history, facts, figures, what we mean to the community, our programs and students we provide education for.

Campus Recycling – Current and Future –What we accomplish now and where we’re heading.

Valerie Avalone, Director, Planning  

Sustainability on Campus- The committee she chairs and their work now and in the future.

Jim Charlton, Facilities Specialist

LEED Certification – Discussed LEED certification with emphasis on the new Facilities building, complete with a tour of the facility pointing out the innovative features of the construction.

Special thanks to the folks behind the scenes:  Lauren Cherry, John Haines, Sam Tate, Michael Carroll and Mary Ranghelli

Fred McCullough
Building Services