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Call for SLN and Hybrid Course Development Spring 2006

The Curriculum Office is calling on faculty to recommend courses for development through the SUNY Learning Network for SLN or Hybrid delivery. SLN and Hybrid courses will be developed Spring 2006 for delivery Fall 2006. If you are interested in offering an existing course in the SLN Format, please submit the attached form with Department Chair and Dean signatures to me by Friday, November 11th. Your course recommendations will be reviewed by the SLN Program Advisory Committee in November and then submitted to the Academic Services Leadership Council. Approved courses will be announced in November.


For your information, the following courses are currently being developed for Spring 2006 delivery.




TRS 105 Fundamentals of Writing – Terry Shamblin

REA 100 Reading Strategies – Matthew Fox




MTH 211 Calculus II – Bonnie Connell


Should you have questions or comments, please call me at extension 2188.


Thank you.




Charlotte Downing
Curriculum and Program Development

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