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News from the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee

The Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee looks forward to working with faculty members who are submitting curriculum proposals and course learning outcomes to the curriculum database. Here are some reminders and initiatives we hope will help to make the process more efficient.

Please refer to the Student Learning Outcomes Matrix based on Bloom’s taxonomy when writing learning outcomes for curriculum proposals. There is a link to this matrix in the curriculum database in the learning outcomes area. Consider learning outcomes from the Higher Order Thinking Skills, especially for two hundred level courses.  The Curriculum Office has asked the Curriculum Committee to consider an updated version of the matrix that would provide more information. If approved, the Curriculum Office will include the new matrix in the fall semester Curriculum Newsletter and update the link in the database.

Based on input from the faculty and the Curriculum Committee, the Curriculum Office is in the process of editing the database to clarify the information that needs to be included in proposals. Please fill in all requested areas. The help function material for new proposals is also being updated. More resources have been added to the Resources link as well.

The information requested in curriculum proposals is to ensure that there will be sufficient evidence for evaluating the proposal for all reviewers in the process – department chairs, division deans, the Curriculum Office, the Curriculum Committee, and the MCC faculty for course proposals; as well as the Curriculum Dean, Academic Vice President, Board of Trustees, SUNY and the State Education Department for program proposals. It is in the best interests of all of us to have a thorough and efficient review process to insure a high-quality and responsive curriculum. Don’t hesitate to contact me as Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee Chairperson, if you have questions about the curriculum process.

Annette Leopard
Faculty Senate Curriculum Chair (Mathematics)