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DCC Fire Drills

In accordance with New York State Law, Monroe Community College must conduct fire drills each year. Fire drills for Damon City Campus for the Spring 2003 Semester are listed below:

Wednesday, March 26 at 10:20 a.m.

Wednesday, March 26 at 6:00 p.m.

The purpose is to educate the college community on the proper method to exit the Damon City Campus should an emergency arise. As fire drills are now announced in advance. Please take the opportunity to discuss the schedule with others in your office and classroom.

Please remember that it takes a group effort to make a quick and safe evacuation of the building. Once everyone is out of the room, close all windows and doors. Shut off the lights and leave the building.

Emergency Assembly Areas provide an area of temporary refuge for persons with disabilities during an emergency or evacuation process. These areas are generally located near or at a stair tower. In the event of an emergency alarm, the faculty member should direct all students to the appropriate emergency exit and assist with leaving the facility. If there is a student who needs special assistance because of a visual or physical impairment, the faculty member should ensure that the student is taken to the nearest Emergency Assembly Area. The faculty member should stay with the student at the Emergency Assembly Area. If the emergency escalates, the impaired individuals can be moved into the landing of the emergency exit, using the fire door for protection. The individual can be evacuated at that point by emergency response personnel.

Each Emergency Assembly area is identified by a blue sign inscribed with white lettering, "Emergency Assembly Area." Persons with disabilities will gather at the following locations:

4th Floor Emergency Exits

Exit number Location

A4 Near 4211 East Side
C4 Near 4193 NE Side
D4 Near 4216 East Side
E4 Near 4025 South Side
F4 Near 4074 West Side
G4 Near 4119 NW Corner
H4 Near 4142 East Clinton

5th Floor Emergency Exits

A5 Near 5097 East Side
C5 Near 5114 NE Side
D5 Near 5089 East Side
E5 Near 5045 South Side
F5 Near 5175 West Side
G5 Near 5160 NW Corner
H5 Near 5014 East Clinton

Elevators, the atrium escalators and stairwell are not considered an emergency exit and should not be used. Each classroom should contain a map of the closest emergency exit.

Hall monitors have been assigned to expedite instructions and the flow of people to each of the emergency exits. All personnel are expected to exit the building via the emergency exits and move away from the building to avoid overcrowding.

Staff and administration have the responsibility to become familiar with all emergency exits and in the event of an actual evacuation, they should assist in the process and ensure that the areas are evacuated and secured.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Executive Dean's Office.

Dorothy Evans
Executive Dean's Office