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Rumors and Reality

Rumors and Reality

In a typical year, the stress of the end of the academic year can be difficult. This year, these stressors are layered on top of concerns about declining enrollment and the impact of the challenges MCC has faced this year, as well as a 24-hour news cycle that seems to careen from bad to worse. It's hard. Throw rumors and misinformation into the mix, and the stress builds. So, each day from today through the end of academic year, I'll be tackling one rumor. I have a whole list, but if you have one you would like addressed, please send it along through the portal.

Rumor: The College is listed in the academic calendar as being closed on Veterans Day in fall 2019.

Reality: Yes.

Some of you may recall that, a few years ago, the College initiated and signed memoranda of agreement with both the Faculty Association and CSEA to close on Veterans Day. This day is more than a federal holiday: it has personal meaning for many of our students and employees. I continue to hear from them and community members who feel strongly that MCC should close in recognition of Veterans Day and those whom it honors. The Provost, working with the Faculty Senate, was able to propose an academic calendar for 2019-2020 that included the College's closure on Veterans Day. Rather than negotiate any "give back" for this day, as a military-friendly college, MCC is providing this day as an additional holiday to all members of our College community. On November 11, 2019, our employees and students will have the opportunity to honor those who have served our Country and protected our freedoms, and thank those whose military service continues to assure we are safe at home and abroad.

Kress, Anne
Office of the President