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Late Start Attendance

This is just a quick reminder that your attendance information is due by Thursday, April 24th. This includes all courses with a census date of February 11th or LATER. Remember, we have a video: which provides detailed instructions on how to enter your attendance data. This link is also available on your MyMCC under faculty resources. We have made no major changes, so if you have done this before, you should have no problems this term.

Once you have entered the attendance data in Banner self-service, we recommend that you click to another page in Banner, and then go back to attendance to be sure the data has been saved. Banner does not offer a process that identifies errors, so we ask that you check your work and be sure your data has been saved.

Good luck and thanks for honoring the deadline. Students will be issued their financial aid after the attendance deadline. Students with no attendance information will have their aid withheld until we hear from you.

Contact me or Anne Lanzafame at: <> or 292-2238 if you have any questions.

Kimberley Willis
Registration and Records