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Kodak Day

What do a clinical study manager, a semiconductor manufacturing technician, and health care software engineer have in common?  They are all positions currently available at Kodak in Rochester, New York!  Monroe Community College will play a vital role in Kodak’s transformation into the workplace of the future.

Kodak is alive and well and pioneering cutting-edge products and technologies.   From building the Chandra x-ray observatory for NASA to the creation of digital radiographic equipment, Kodak continues to be a major player in emerging technologies.

Kodak presently employs more than 2,000 Monroe Community College graduates.  Engineers, technicians, accountants, performing arts personnel, and manufacturing engineers are just some of the positions currently held by our graduates.

Kodak will be at Monroe Community College on October 13, 2004, for “Kodak Day.” The Kodak NASCAR will be on display as well as a Kodak Imagemaker kiosk.  Product displays and panel discussions are a few of the events planned for Kodak Day!

This event will provide MCC’s faculty, staff, and students with valuable information regarding the future of Kodak in the Rochester area.  Kodak hopes to provide information that will better prepare MCC graduates for the Kodak workforce of tomorrow.  Students will have the opportunity to see a sampling of Kodak’s diverse product line and emerging technologies.  

Kodak’s work in optical technologies, micro-electronic components, radiographic digital imaging and manufacturing may be of particular interest to MCC faculty and staff.  Of course other important career areas such as accounting, information technology, office technology, and business management still afford fantastic career opportunities at Kodak.

Save the date.....October 13, 2004, for a visit to the MCC Flynn Campus Center and experience the future of Kodak!

Kate Schiefen
Associate Dean, Technical Education