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Changes to Building Use

On the return of staff and students to campus, you might notice several buildings are not being cooled. In order to save utility money, we have moved small numbers of faculty and staff from buildings that are expensive to heat and cool. The buildings that we are not using this semester are 5, 8, 9A, 10, 12, and 19. We are still reviewing the need for building 11.

The goal is to reduce our utility expenses by nearly 1/2 to reduce the drain on the reserves. While we understand that this has led to some relocations, I hope everyone supports our measures to save money on utilities. You can also help by making sure the lights are out in unused rooms, and report any rooms that are not heating or cooling properly by contacting Facilities at 2800, or put in a work order request on our web page. The less that is wasted, the more is saved.

Blaine Grindle
Administrative Services