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$147,000 Grant Awarded to Support Advanced Manufacturing Apprenticeships

(Oldham, Todd, Economic Development and Innovative Workforce Services)

I am pleased to announce that MCC has been awarded a SUNY Apprenticeship Program grant. The MCC Advanced Manufacturing Apprenticeship Program (AMAP) will build upon MCC's current apprenticeship infrastructure by increasing the number of apprentices and employer sponsors. The program will provide education and training for pre-apprentices in order to strengthen the pipeline of qualified students entering Registered Apprenticeships. As part of this grant, MCC will convert four manufacturing courses to online delivery through Open SUNY. MCC will also host industry roundtables to bring industry partners and MCC program personnel together to share best practices, formalize the pre-apprenticeship to apprenticeship pipeline, and expand local apprenticeship opportunities. During Year 1 the project will support related instructional costs for 30 apprentices with pre-apprenticeship activities being conducted with 15 high school students. Please contact Dale Pearce (ext. 3729) or Ross Micali (ext. 6172) for further information.

Remegia Mitchell
Strategic Resource Dev. & Grant Management