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Connecting with Others

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, we can be surrounded by people and still feel alone. However, it is the connections we make with others that can make us feel a sense of belonging. Our interactions with other people can help our overall mental health - or hurt it. We can still feel connected during COVID-19, but we may have to engage with others in different ways. Here are some ways we can connect during this time:

  • Not all connections have to be done in person: Connecting face-to-face may help us create relationships, but we can also bond virtually. We can reach out via phone calls, text messages, video calls, and email messages. We can use technology to our advantage when we have to practice social distancing.
  • Accept virtual invitations: Make time for friends and family virtually. It is important to still stay attached to our social groups and we can use this time to build relationships. It may not be our favorite way of connecting with others, but we can discuss activities we want to plan when we are able to connect in person.
  • Make time to connect: Our daily responsibilities can be time consuming, but we have to remember that connecting with others can provide us with support. Don't be discouraged if schedules do not match up. Keep connecting, when you are able to, and stay in contact with others.
  • Use shared experiences as a topic of conversation: Using current events and shared experiences can help you feel connected to others. Keep in mind that everyone may view a situation differently, but talking about common topics can be a good conversation starter.

For each of us, the ways we can come together during this time may vary, but it is important to find what works best for you.

The Counseling Center and Disability Services office is here for you during this time. Be well, stay safe, and please reach out to us if you are in need of additional support.

With warm regards,

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Lee, Stephanie
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