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MCC Engineers Earn Second Place

Students from the MCC Engineering Leadership Council club took second place at the American Association for Engineering Education (ASEE) Model Design Competition held in Atlanta, Georgia on June 24th.  MCC Entered the second round in first place but was unable to maintain the lead from the Cedarville University Team that won top honors and denied MCC their fifth consecutive National Championship.  A total of 9 schools from around the nation competed.

Readers are encouraged to visit the club’s Facebook page at <> to see a summary of all the action.

The Engineering Leadership Council would like to thank all those who worked so hard to give them such a superb educational experience.  Betty Stewart, Maureen Karlnoski, Mary Jane Star and the entire Student Life and Leadership Development provided the funding and trip planning that made the trip such a success.  Katie Ferguson and the Public Safety Officers who patrolled the Engineering Prototyping Lab (9-156) allowed students the late night access they needed to complete their projects.

The ASEE Competition next June will be held in Indianapolis and will require students to build miniature autonomous Indy style race cars.  MCC is expected to roar back into the winner’s circle next year.

John Wadach
Engineering Science and Physics