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Mathematics Department Scholarships

The mathematics department would like to let students know that we have a number of mathematics scholarships available:

Robert A. Fratangelo Memorial Scholarship

Stuart R. Porter & Joyce R. Porter Endowed Scholarship

Jan Z. Wiranowski Endowed Renaissance Scholarships

Jan Z. Wiranowski Endowed Humanism of Hope Scholarship

Beyond the Formula Endowed Scholarships (in Statistics, in Mathematics, and in Elementary Education or Business)

If you have a student that you feel would be well qualified for one of these scholarships, we would appreciate your encouraging the student(s) to apply. The deadline for submission of materials is Monday, March 18, 2019 at 11:59PM.

You and your students may get more information on the qualifications for these scholarships on the mathematics department website:

Thank you.

Eames, Michael