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ETS Presenters at SUNY Technology Conference

The theme for the 2011 SUNY Technology Conference (STC) held this week in Rye Brook, New York was “Keeping IT Real: Effective Solutions for Teaching and Learning.”  The speed and magnitude of change in technology is steadily accelerating. As higher education tries to keep up, campuses need to ensure their IT efforts are real in order to keep pace with their students. Technology enriches the educational experience of students as well as faculty. Not only are IT professionals charged with making more appropriate and cost-effective use of information technology without sacrificing what matters to higher education, but they provide support and leadership in the university’s commitment to excellence in teaching and learning.

The following presentations included MCC/ETS staff at the STC this week:

“Best Practices in Classroom Design” – Terry Keys, Assistant Vice President, Instructional Technologies and Phil Oettinger, Specialist, Instructional Technologies.  Learning environments in Monroe Community College’s Gleason Hall of Science and Technology were show cased specifically highlighting the design and construction considerations to create learning environments that support a variety of teaching methods and give faculty a unified classroom management system.

“Changing Role of the CIO: Strategist or Plumber” – Co-Presenter: Jeff Bartkovich, Vice President, Educational Technology Services (ETS).  This inter-segmental panel of chief information officers from throughout the system discussed the changing nature of the role of the CIO in higher education and the implications for operations and planning on SUNY campuses.

“The Power of SUNY: Innovative Instruction Transformation Team Update” – Co-Presenter: Jeff Bartkovich, Vice President, ETS.  The Innovative Instruction Transformation Team (IITT) has been exploring ways to leverage the depth and breadth of its enterprise to support academic excellence and student success. Members of the IITT discussed the recommendations and strategies identified by the team currently being considered as part of the implementation of the SUNY Strategic Plan.

“FACT2 Learning Environment Task Group Status Report” – Co-Presenter: Jeff Bartkovich, Vice President, ETS.  The presentation included outcomes of the group's work to date.  Highlights included the development of a proof-of-concept project for an Innovative Instructional Space Repository to help guide technologist, planners, architects, and engineers in the design of 21st century learning spaces.

Eileen Scorgie
Educational Technology Services