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FA Members Travel to Albany

On Tuesday, March 8, MCC Faculty members went to Albany to speak with legislators about funding for community colleges and the New York State Budget.  The faculty members, Charlie Clarke, Rory Butler, Louis Silvers, Mark Sample, Eileen Morris, Ellen Mancuso and Marlene Goho, FA Administrative Director, met with 10 Senate and Assembly members.  Your FA members and the NYSUT leadership are working very hard to restore funding to community colleges to $2,260, which is last year’s FTE rate.  However, we need your help.  Our representatives will make their decisions by what they think their constituencies want so the word in the hallways of the Legislative Office Building is that they need to hear from you!  Everything looks on track to have a budget April 1 that is only 22 days away so be sure to contact your representatives as soon as you can.  MCC and SUNY Community Colleges need your help!

Ellen Mancuso
Faculty Association