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Parking Gate Update

Here is the latest and greatest information about the parking gates in A/B and K.  So far it appears that a large number of faculty were "caught" by the arm. Lot K reader is working stupendously.  Everyone who has a new prox card is accessing the gate with very few problems. 

Some tips on opening the gate:

1.  Have your new prox card in your hand, prior to approaching the gate. How can you tell if you have a prox card?  Look at the back of the card. Below the wide black stripe will be a series of printed numbers on the right side corner and left corner will have the letters HID.

2.  Wave/hold card in front of the reader, once you hear a the "beep" the gate will open.  We had someone test the reader by leaving the ID card inside their wallet and the gate opened, no problem.   (The intercom has a button; the reader is a black square.)

If you don't have your new prox card, use another parking lot and call ext. 2555 (Brighton Campus) and/or ext. 1726 (Damon Campus) to schedule a time to obtain your new card. All faculty and staff parking on the Brighton Campus must have their new ID/prox card before classes begin for the fall so you may park in the appropriate parking lots.  

The Lot A reader is not communicating and is being replaced. Lots N and P will be on line within the next week. 

Any questions give us a call at x 2900.

Leah Dyer
Public Safety