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Strategic Planning Initiative Deadline

The deadline for submitting an Intent to Apply form for Strategic Planning Initiative funds is fast approaching and is this Friday, December 15th by 5:00 PM. Forms should be submitted to the Chair of Faculty Senate Planning by emailing the form to

Once received you will be contacted by a member of the committee to assist you in the completion of your final submission. If you have any questions please feel free to contact myself or another member of the committee. Contact information for committee members is below:

Paul Emerick: Chair Faculty Senate Planning

Eraj Basnayake Mathematics

Bailey Burritt Instructional Technologies

Marc Connolly Public Safety Training Facility

Antonio Custodio Executive Dean's Office (DC)

Kathleen Farrell Visual and Performing Arts

Dea Gasbarre Strategic Resource Dev. & Grant Management

Rebecca Horowitz Psychology

John Wadach Engineering / Physics

Emerick, Paul