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Undergraduate Research Project Leads to Publication

Brian Edelbach (Chemistry/Geosciences) and three of his former organic chemistry students are co-authors on a paper which was recently accepted for publication in the peer-reviewed chemistry journal Synthesis.  

The paper, titled “An Expedient Synthesis of 2,4,6-Tris(trifluoromethyl)aniline",  is the culmination of three years of summer research by Prof. Edelbach and his former students in the laboratory of Prof. Patrick Holland at the University of Rochester.  Prof. Edelbach was a co-PI on a three-year National Science Foundation grant awarded to Prof. Holland.  This grant provided funding for two MCC students and Prof. Edelbach to do cutting edge research during the summer.  The students have presented their work at MCC’s Scholars’ Day and several other venues.   The participating students were:

1. Jennifer Clark (Clarkson University, Chemical Engineering)

2. Charles Fennie (applying to Medical schools)

3. Sarah Kruidenier (SUNY Geneseo, Chemistry)

4. Blaze Pharoah (SUNY Geneseo, Chemistry)

5. Dylan Parsons (SUNY Geneseo, Chemistry)

6. Peter Thayer  (University of Rochester, Chemical Engineering)

Lydia Tien
Chemistry & Geosciences