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Elizabeth Jonston (English/Philosophy) to Present at Filling Station: Today (11/17/17)

Dr. Elizabeth Johnston (English/Philosophy) will present today at the College Hour Filling Station: A Faculty Research Presentation Series. The event, which takes place in 8-200, is open to the entire MCC community.

An Associate Professor of English at MCC, Elizabeth Johnston received her PhD in 18th Century British Literature from West Virginia University and has been teaching college writing and literature for twenty years. Her work on Medusa has appeared in The Atlantic, Yellow Medicine Review, and the collections Bad Girls And Transgressive Women In Popular Film And Television (Palgrave 2017) and Women Versed In Myth (MacFarland 2016). For her Filling Station presentation, Elizabeth will "trace the various representations of the iconic figure of Medusa from her origins in Greco-Roman myth, through the reclamation of Medusa's narrative by second- and third-wave feminist poets, to the re-appropriation of her story by late 20th and 21st century film, advertisement, and gaming culture. Representations of Medusa in popular culture evidence a backlash against feminist gains." Johnston will also point to "the ways in which powerful women like Hilary Clinton have historically been aligned with the monstrous female icon to dismiss and/or vilify their authority."

Leuzzi, Anthony