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Diversity Calendar

Diversity Council is pleased to announce the addition of an electronic Diversity Calendar to the new Diversity and Inclusiveness Web site. Go to the college homepage and click on D in the A to Z index and scroll to Diversity and Inclusiveness to access the Calendar. The Calendar is designed for posting college-sponsored events, projects and activities big and small that contribute to a “mindful and inclusive environment.”

To post an item on the Diversity Calendar, check Yes in the box on The Daily Tribune and Events Calendar Only submission forms that inquire “Add This Event to the Diversity Calendar?”

Further, the Diversity Council wants all faculty and staff to utilize the Calendar to increase awareness and participation in the planning and implementation of diversity-related programs. It also will serve to inform the college community about the Strategic Direction Committees and Council meeting schedule.

Council members distributed pocket calendars after the All College Day address in the MCC Theatre and at the picnic to highlight that at MCC diversity and inclusion is a 365 Day-a-Year Event. More pocket calendars are available in the mail room at both the Brighton and Damon City campuses.

Thank you.

Char Downing & Craig Rand
Diversity Council Co-chairpersons