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CIT League for Innovation - Fall 2002 - Presentations by MCC Staff & Faculty

At the November 16-20, 2002, League for Innovation CIT Conference, held in Long Beach, California, the following presentations were presented by MCC Faculty, Staff and Administrators:

Strategies for Retaining Online Students:  An Interactive Short:  Jeffrey Bartkovich, Susan Belair, Marie Fetzner

Let's Talk:  Managing Computers and Total Cost of Ownership Effectively:  Brett Thompson, Dale Mallory, Nancy Mallory

Let's Talk:  Digital Video Technology Applications and Implementation Experiences:  Brett Thompson, Nancy Mallory, Dale Mallory

Seeking the Cutting Edge:  Trends and Innovations Triggering Learning Resource Centers and Libraries:  Peter Genovese, Donna Pogroszewski,  Sylvia Jenkins. 

Let's Talk:  Construction:  Dale Mallory, Brett Thompson, Nancy Mallory    
Partnering Across Divisions to Provide Technology for Our Students:  Bob Cunningham, Donna Pogroszewski, Kim Years

Eileen Scorgie
AVP Office, Educational Technology Services