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Time to Shop – Free Office Supplies Available

A team has been created with the mission of finding ways to reduce spending on office supplies and share overstocks that have accumulated across campus.

The team has been working with various individuals across campus to compile a spreadsheet of surplus office supplies.

The spreadsheet can be accessed on the M drive.  The path is M:\Offices\Shared\Surplus Office Supplies.  Link:  M:\Offices\Shared\Surplus Office Supplies <file:///\\\dfs01\Services\M-Drive\Offices\Shared\Surplus%20Office%20Supplies\Surplus%20Office%20Supply%20Inventory.xlsx> .

Please check the surplus inventory spreadsheet for any supplies you may need.  If there is something on the spreadsheet you need, please contact the person noted next to the item.

If there are items you would like to add, please feel free to add them to the spreadsheet or contact one of the team members for assistance.

Team members:

Bernadette Duffy, Admissions
Linda Hall, President’s Office
Linda Hickey, Financial Aid
Maureen Karlnoski, Student Services
Marisa LaSpina, Registration and Records
Valerie Olivieri, Academic Services
Sherry Parks, Administrative Services
Maryjane Starr, Office of Student Life & Leadership Development
Joanna Waters, Career and Transfer Center

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Linda M. Hall
President's Office