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Agenda for April 16th Faculty Senate Meeting at DCC

Faculty Senate Meeting Agenda for April 16, 2015 at 3:30 p.m. at Damon City Campus in Community Room 4193

Mission Statement:

Monroe Community College is a dynamic learning community where access, excellence, and leadership are the College’s hallmarks. Our mission is to educate and prepare diverse learners to achieve scholarly, professional, and individual success within a local and global context. The College serves as a catalyst for innovation, economic development, lifelong learning, and civic engagement.

1.   Guest Speaker: L. Dugan – Virtual Campus

2.   Announcements

3.   Student Announcements

4.   Approval of the Minutes from the March 19, 2015 Faculty Senate Meeting

5.   Action Item:  MCC General Education Plan

6.  Future Action Item (Vote in May): Proposed Faculty Senate Resolution 1.2 Policies on Credits and Related Matters (Prior Learning Assessments)

7.  Standing Committee Reports

8.  Old Business

      a) Fall 2015 exam schedule follow-up

9.  New Business

     a) Student use of the Brighton Room

     b) Removal of advisement pins for PARS

(Print friendly version attached)

A copy of the action item can be found at the following:

Summary version: M:\Offices\Shared\Faculty Senate\April 2015 Faculty Senate Meeting (DCC)\Action Items

Full plan: M:\Offices\Shared\2013-14 ReImagine Gen Ed Report

Heather Murphy
Faculty Senate Office

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