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Update to Outbound Calls in the Flynn Campus Center

Please note that outbound, long distance calling from Flynn Campus Center meeting rooms, (3-115, 3-116, 3-117, 3-118, 3-119, Monroe A/B, Empire Room and Forum), is no longer available.  Long distance calls can be initiated or received on a departmental phone and then transferred into the meeting room. Campus Events is unable to make long distance calls for meetings so please coordinate transferring the call from your office in advance. If you would like additional information on this process, please contact CNS for conference call training. Local calls and 1-800 numbers are unaffected.

For your convenience, the extensions for the meeting rooms are listed below.

3-115: x8319

3-116: x8320

3-117: x8321

3-118: x8322

3-119: x8323

Thank you!

Kimberley Willis and Bradley Roehrig
Campus Events and Communication and Network Services