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Upward Bound goes to WonderWorks!

It was a crisp Veterans Day morning. MCC Upward Bound students boarded the bus, ready for the two-hour trip ahead of them. The Upward Bound staff decided to fill the student’s day off school with a day-long, enriching field trip. We took more than 40 students to WonderWorks in Syracuse, where they had a fun-filled day of “edu-tainment.” (Education and entertainment, as WonderWorks calls it)

The amusement park offered laser tag, a team-based ropes course, and an interactive science museum.  The highlight of the trip for the students was the science museum. Hidden behind an un-assuming entrance was the WonderZone. Once inside, students were able to learn about natural disasters, properties of light and sound, physics, and space. All of the learning zones were disguised as interactive play, so the students were very engaged while simultaneously broadening their science knowledge. In the words of one of our members, Taniah said, “Wonderworks was a great opportunity to build strategies for working with a team, and the science museum was out of control!”

Kyle Fletcher
MCC Upward Bound