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Call for Nominations for Outstanding WAC Faculty Award, 2013/2014

The WAC Steering Committee realizes that the WAC Program’s success at MCC is due not just to its mission, but to the hundreds of faculty who design their courses to be Writing Intensive (WR).  Their dedication and devotion to teaching WR courses has invigorated the WAC Program and proven that teaching through writing is a viable pedagogical tool in aiding students to learn course material.  Each year the WAC Steering Committee honors one such teacher who has made great contributions to the development of WAC at MCC.  This award is called the Outstanding WAC Faculty Award.  Members of the MCC faculty are eligible for consideration through nomination.  Full-time, part-time, and adjunct teaching faculty are eligible for the award.  The awardee is chosen on the basis of documented outstanding WAC instruction including, but not limited to:

The use of innovative writing assignments that accomplish the Writing Across the Curriculum Program objectives, which state that through writing students will:

increase understanding of course content
gain the ability to express themselves confidently
enhance their critical thinking/problem solving skills
increase participation in their learning process

Promotion of WR courses and the WAC Program to other faculty and students
Participation in WAC activities

After review of the nomination packets, the WAC Steering Committee will select a winner, who will receive a framed certificate and a plaque on Employee Recognition Day. 

Please consider nominating a colleague who you feel deserves such recognition for his or her contribution to the WAC Program.  The WAC Steering Committee is now accepting nominations for the academic year 2013/14.  The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, April 9, 2014. 

The nomination packet must include the following materials:

One letter of recommendation justifying the nominee’s suitability for the award.  (One may nominate oneself for the award but must still produce a letter of recommendation.)

A copy of at least three of the nominee’s writing assignments (and samples of student work, if possible).
A statement from the nominee explaining why and how student writing is important to his or her teaching.

Please send materials, preferably electronically, to "", or through interoffice mail to MaryJo Witz, WAC Coordinator, Biology Department.

MaryJo A. Witz