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Got a friend who’s thinking about college?

Do you know someone who wants to get a better job?  A friend who is thinking about going back to college?  Encourage them to attend the May 16th event: 

Going Back to College—What You Need to Know.


Date:  November 14, 2007

Time:  6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Monroe A and B

Warshof Conference Center

R. Thomas Flynn Campus Center

Monroe Community College


Free parking in Lot M



<<>> or call 585-292-2231

Can’t make it?  They can call to schedule an appointment:  585-292-2200

11 Things They’ll Learn Here…

1.   Hot Monroe County careers, where the jobs are, and how to get the skills

      they’ll need

2.   How to begin a new career (or get ahead in their current one)

3.   Downsized?  Where to get funding, and what to do if they’re laid off

4.   Already have college or military credits?  Learn how to count them towards an MCC Degree

5.   How to get the money to go back to school, even if they’re a part-time student

6.   Creative ways to earn college credit for what they already know

7.   Part-time programs to finish their associate’s or bachelor’s degree faster

8.   Is online learning right for them?

9.   How MCC’s free career counseling can help them uncover new possibilities  (and it’s available free)

10.  Scholarships especially for adult students

11.  Overcoming math anxiety:  MCC programs to help them succeed


Connie Herrera
Enrollment Management

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