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Eat Well/Live Well Update

At the end of the first three weeks, 281 MCC employees, faculty and staff have taken 52,430,233 steps for an average of 9,769 per person  or stated another way we have walked 26, 215 miles in three weeks. Additionally, you have consumed 23,313 cups of Fruits and Vegetables for an average of 4.4 cups per person. Great job, we are ahead of the numbers we put up at this time last year.

Here are the incentive winners for the first three weeks. 1st week gift card from Wegmans Dick Stewart, Book to Cristin Finch, 2nd week gift card from Wegmans to Roxanne Cimo and the winner of the book or video to Heather Williams, winners for the 3rd week are Susan Gunther for the Wegmans gift card and the winner of the book or video is Dick Connett.

Keep up the great effort and enjoy spring. Please contact Sandy Warren in Human Resources to pick up your prize.

Craig Rand, Alberta Lee, Donna Mueller
Wellness Committee