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Welcome Wednesdays

The first of two Welcome Wednesdays will be held today, 8/8.  The second will be 8/15.  Returning students who have not yet registered for fall have been invited to come to campus on one of these days to be advised, register for classes, complete final steps in the financial aid process if needed and register for parking.  Please be advised that the gate to parking Lot A will be open on these two days so that students can park easily and then proceed in to Building 1 where they will be checked in and directed to the appropriate offices.  Counseling & Advising staff and Career & Transfer staff will be joined by faculty volunteers to provide advisement for students.  Records & Registration staff and Peer Mentors will assist with check-in and “way finding”.  Financial Aid staff and Student Accounts staff will assist with making sure that students financial questions are addressed.  We look forward to serving returning students in a convenient manner that results in their readiness to attend classes on September 4th.

Laurel Sanger
Science, Health & Business