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Financial Aid FREEZE date

This is a joint Tribune Announcement from the Financial Aid office and the Registration & Records office.  Not surprisingly, I am doing the talking because:

1.       I have a lot to say

2.       I love to talk

3.       I am the one person on earth who likes attendance and registration

4.       Jerome St. Croix talks in very complicated financial aid language that none of us understand

So I am going to keep this short, sweet and to the point.  October 1st is the financial aid freeze date.  This means that any student who is registered for the fall semester by midnight on October 1st can use that course for his or her financial aid packaging.

Registrations that occur after October 1st are not included in any financial aid calculations.  That even includes late start classes.  Students must be registered by that magic date in order to use those credit hours as part of financial aid.

Why? Because the federal government requires it.

What to do?  Get your green slips turned in ASAP to meet the October 1st deadline

And let me add that I did call Jerome before publishing this article to ask him why the government requires this freeze date.  Frankly, I stopped listening after a few minutes as he discussed PELL and TAP recalculations and refunds and the reasons behind them.  Jerome is more than happy to share this information with anyone interested in listening.  But HE is going to have to write that Trib announcement!

Elizabeth Ripton
Registration & Records