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The Sixth Act: TODAY!

A final reminder that The Sixth Act’s second workshop will be TODAY, November 18, from 4-5:30, in the Black Box Theater. The workshop will focus on interdisciplinary approaches to a dramatic text, using David Mamet’s provocative, challenging play Oleanna as a case study.

Oleanna, which is widely taught and performed, tells the story of a student who issues a formal sexual harassment complaint against her college professor. The play is difficult in part because it’s difficult to tell which character is the real victim—raising real questions about different forms of power. To help raise these questions, we’ve invited several members of MCC’s community to share their perspectives with us. Wil Turner (ENG/PHL), Jeffery Jones (ENG/PHL), Matt Fox (TRS), and Maria Brandt (ENG/PHL) will offer two interpretations of a key scene in the play—one live and one filmed—and then Diane Cecero (General Counsel, President’s Office) will discuss the play’s legal implications; Matthew Hachee (ENG/PHL) will discuss the play’s ethical implications; Gene Marino (TRS) will discuss the play’s educational implications; and Ann Tippett (ENG/PHL) will discuss the play’s gender and feminist studies implications.

The workshop is free and open to the public—please tell your colleagues, your friends, your students. If you would like a copy of the script, please contact Matt Fox at All other questions or concerns can be directed to Maria Brandt at or 292-3394.

Maria Brandt