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Mobile Devices Must Use Microsoft ActiveSync

Access to email accounts, both personal and corporate, on mobile devices (such as Smart Phone and PDAs) is becoming a standard service feature.  This function has work flow and productivity advantages; it also poses significant security risks for college data and systems.

ETS has reviewed various operating systems for compatibility with current policies, security and implementation.  To provide for a managed solution to email enabled mobile devices, ETS will only recognize email enabled mobile devices that utilize Microsoft’s approved ActiveSync client. 

With ActiveSync, MCC’s email system has the ability to control the security of these devices in the event the phone is lost, stolen, or returned to the vendor.  With written approval from the user, if the cell phone is reported lost, stolen or returned to the vendor, Communications and Network Services (CNS) will remotely wipe all data from that device for the user.

Users are personally responsible for immediately contacting CNS upon discovery of a lost, stolen or returned phone so that a remote wipe of the data stored on the phone can be executed by CNS. 

At this time Blackberry mobile devices do not use Microsoft ActiveSync.  For this reason MCC does not support the use of a Blackberry with connection to the college systems. When purchasing a new mobile device you should check to see if it supports ActiveSync.

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