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The Search for Damon’s Next Academic Dean is Underway

As chair of the DCC Academic Dean Search Committee, I wanted to offer the MCC community a quick update about our work so far. Following all established search procedures, we have formed a committee, we have posted the position, and we have coordinated our early efforts with SCAA.  The members of this search committee are Bill Dunning (English/Philosophy), Michael Johnson (Student Services – DCC), Maryann Marino (Biology), Michael McDonough (Liberal Arts), Ramona Moore (Transitional Studies), Chris Otero-Piersante (English/Philosophy), Celia Reaves (Psychology), Gary Thompson (Law & Criminal Justice), and Patricia Williams (Grants).  Professor Otero-Piersante serves as a representative of the Diversity Council. When candidates visit campus, SCAA will hold open hearings and each candidate will also have the opportunity to interview with Vice President Glocker, Dean Topping, and Executive Dean Otero. As this process continues, we will make more information available to the MCC community.

Michael McDonough
Liberal Arts