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Dr. Oldham, conducts workshop at 2019 CAEL Conference

Vice President Oldham presented at the annual conference of the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) in Chicago. The workshop was called Identifying Powerful Career Pathways for Adult Learners. In the session, VP Oldham shared about the labor linked program model that has influenced the career pathway work of the EDIWS division and that is informing the creation of the new FWD Center at the Downtown Campus. Areas highlighted in the presentation included the practice of tracking CTE graduates and non-completers 5 + years after graduation to better understand where career technical graduates have been hired and how labor market data can inform a process of modularizing credit and non-credit curricula to create a more market driven and stackable career pathway for adult learners.

Sine-Kinz, Kristin
VP Office, Economic Development and Innovative Workforce Services