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Apply for Student Trustee and Student Government Officer Positions

Hello MCC Students!

We hope this message finds you safe and healthy. The Student Government Association's (SGA) Elections Committee and the Student Events Governance Association (SEGA) would like to provide an announcement regarding the future of SGA officers and Student Trustee.

Due to the unexpected circumstances surrounding the Covid-19 virus, spring elections for 2020-2021 officers did not take place. We are looking for students to fill most of these positions now as interim officers until a full election process can take place in the fall. The student selected for Student Trustee will serve in that position for the full 2020-2021 academic year. We encourage to run for any of these positions to become more involved in shaping your college community.

All applications are due by May 26, 2020.

Student Trustee:

All MCC students are eligible to apply for this position. Specific qualifications are listed on the application, which can be found at this link:


Student Government Association positions:

All students taking at least 6 credit hours, with the majority of credit hours taken at/associated with the Brighton Campus or the Applied Technologies Center, are eligible for these positions. Specific qualifications are listed on the application, which can be found at this link:


  • President
  • Vice President
  • Vice President of Programing
  • Secretary

Senator of:

  • Clubs and Organizations
  • Diversity
  • Public Relations
  • Athletics
  • Student Relations
  • Virtual Campus
  • Health and Wellness


In the fall semester we will continue with our regular SGA elections program so that you, the student body, may still have a voice in who will be representing you and voicing the concerns that students are facing. The fall elections are a separate event and will require another application process. More details on that will be forthcoming.

For questions or more information, please contact the Elections Coordinator Kelvin Cooke



Stewart, Elizabeth
Office of Student Life & Leadership Dev.