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It's NISOD Time!

It's time to begin to think about nominating folks for the NISOD Award.  This award is open to full-time teaching faculty and (NEW this year) full-time non-teaching professionals, all who have fewer than 10 years of service at MCC.  Each year the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD) at the University of Texas at Austin honors individuals who have made significant contributions to their colleges. Community colleges across the country nominate those people who have, in some way, gone beyond their job responsibilities to make their campuses better places to learn and to work. Some examples of “above and beyond” could include (but are not limited to):

innovative teaching methods;
programs that encourage new learning opportunities for MCC students;
a high level of involvement within the MCC community; and
taking on additional departmental responsibilities.
These are just examples and do not reflect the only criteria upon which nominees will be evaluated. The deadline for submitting packets is Wednesday, Nov. 23rd.  More details to follow. Additional information can be found on the Faculty Senate website.  

Anne Hughes
Faculty Senate Professional Development Committee