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A Thank You Note

I would like to thank the EGS (Electronic Gaming Society) for their help this year at Fantasy-Flight. This is the second year that the club has participated. The children really enjoyed the chance to play with games that they might not ever have seen before.

A few pictures of the smiling faces can be found in the M:\Offices\Shared\Fantasy_Flight_Winter_Wonderland\2009 folder.

Fantasy Flight and the Winter Wonderland party is a time in which the community unites to provide this special day for more than 2,000 participants from over 13 of the non-profit agencies.

For some families, this may be the only Christmas they get!

Participants experience the North Pole at its best with the most needy children going up in a real plane to look for Santa! Each family is given a personal elf tour-guide to help them throughout the day so they can watch their loved one as their face lights up when Santa comes in on a helicopter. This event touches the hearts of so many in the Rochester area, we only strive to continually make it better!

Laura Coriddi
ETS Computing