MCC Daily Tribune

President's Wednesday Message

Thanks to all who have given already to MCC's Hurricane Relief Drive! As Anya Kamentz reported recently, a third of all Texas college students, about 500,000, were affected by Hurricane Harvey. Many were already on unstable financial footing, and this natural disaster turned a difficult situation into true devastation. Your donations at MCC to support the Houston Food Bank are helping them and others begin the long road back.

Yet, as we have seen over the past few weeks and may see again later this week, they are not alone. Parts of Florida and the island nations of the Caribbean have been ravaged by Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Marie is predicted to once again hit these islands and Puerto Rico. Given the diversity of MCC, it is not surprising that many of our students have family in the islands. They have asked that we extend our fundraising to support these nations, so we are.

SGA President Jessica Rich, SEGA President Daniel Skerritt, and our inspiring students will be holding events and cross-campus challenges to raise funds over the next few weeks to match the almost $2,500 already donated by President's Staff. I hope you will be able to join in this generosity.

Through October 31, you can make a donation of any size at the Service Desk at Brighton (in Atrium) and Downtown (in Bookstore). Cash and checks are accepted. Please indicate whether you would like your funds donated to the Houston Food Bank or Direct Relief, a four star Charity Navigator organization providing medical relief to those impacted by Irma in Florida and the Caribbean. Should Marie hit Puerto Rico and the islands as anticipated, Direct Relief will already be on the ground, offering support.

Again, thank you for extending the spirit of MCC's community to our national and international neighbors in need!

Kress, Anne
President's Office