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Disability Awareness Month -Faculty Resource Guide

According to the ADA National Network, there are more than 57 million Americans with sensory, neurological, intellectual, mobility and other types of disabilities. The ADA National Network recommends how to provide excellent customer service for individuals with disabilities. They highlight the following:

  • Treat everyone as a valued customer.
  • Learn about accessibility features.
  • Do not assume someone needs your assistance. Rather, listen or ask for instructions and respects the individual's wishes.
  • Speak directly to the person.
  • Be patient and give them your full attention.
  • If you do not understand something, ask questions and do not pretend you understood everything.
  • When speaking with a person who is deaf or hard of hearing, speak clearly, and face the person.
  • If speaking through an interpreter, direct your attention to the individual with a disability, not to the interpreter.

As a friendly reminder, the Counseling and Disability Services Office has created a "Faculty Resource Guide: Supporting Students with Disabilities". The resource guide is a place to access various information related to academic accommodation descriptions, frequently asked questions, disability etiquette, tips for advising students with disabilities, universal design, and much more.

To access the resource guide, log into MyMCC, click the "Employee" tab, click the "Faculty Essentials" tab, and located in the bottom left hand corner under "Faculty Resources" you will find the "Faculty Resource Guide: Supporting Students with Disabilities".

For additional information, please contact the Counseling and Disability Services Office.

Thank you,

Counseling and Disability Services Office

Lee, Stephanie
Counseling Center & Disability Services