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Faculty Efforts Honored at Assessment Luncheon

On Friday, October 2nd, nearly 40 faculty came together at the Assessment Launch Luncheon to kick off the new year of assessment projects across the College, and to recognize the efforts of faculty and departments who completed their assessment work in 2008-09.  Stuart Blacklaw, Dean of the Curriculum, gave a short video presentation and offered each faculty assessment leader a certificate of achievement for their hard work and success.  Vice President of Academic Services, Janet Glocker, also offered remarks and expressed her appreciation for the faculty’s continued devotion to service, teaching, and assessment.

Special distinction was offered to Lori Laco-Schiano for her work in leading the evaluation of the Health Information Technology program.  Lori received the award for the “Most Notable Contribution to an Assessment Project by a Faculty Assessment Leader.”  In her remarks, Janet Glocker referred to Lori’s report as one that stuck out because “it demonstrated self-reflection by the program faculty, and a commitment to making changes that would lead to students learning better.”  In a written letter, Dean Frank Rinehart referred to Lori’s report as “an example of what assessment should be.”

Patricia Burgess accepted on behalf of the Department of Mathematics the award for the “Most Notable Contribution to an Assessment Project by a Program or Department Faculty.”  Janet Glocker praised the efforts of the Math Department faculty for “their continued dedication to making assessment work.”  Math department faculty members routinely share the responsibilities for academic assessment by meeting in course committees to review curricula and score assessment instruments.  Patricia Burgess, as the Department’s designated assessment leader, also chairs the Mathematics Assessment Committee (MAC), which oversees and coordinates departmental assessment efforts.

Congratulations to all faculty members and departments participating in assessment projects last year on a job well done!

Michael A. Heel
Coordinator of Academic Assessment