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Fall Foreign Film Fest Starts October 28

The ESOL and Foreign Languages Department invites the College community to this year's Fall Foreign Film Fest starting on October 28.

Thursday, October 28
"Goodbye Lenin" Comedy in German, 2003, set in Berlin during the fall of the Berlin Wall.
Introduced by Hildegard Klein-Bodenheimer.

"Spirited Away" Animated adventure in Japanese, 2001.
Introduced by members of the MCC Animé Club.

Thursday, November 4
"Monsieur Ibrahim" Drama in French, 2003, about the friendship between an elderly Muslim and a young Jew.
Introduced by Valérie Couderc and Jennifer Funkhouser.

"Bread and Chocolate" Comedy in Italian, 1973, about an Italian immigrant living in Switzerland.
Introduced by Laura Delledonne

Thursday, November 11
"El Amor Brujo" Musical Drama in Spanish, 1986, a love story set in a gypsy shantytown.
Introduced by Rebecca Thomas

"Raise the Red Lantern" Drama in Chinese, 1991, set in China in the 1920s.
Introduced by Jasmine Tang

All events take place in Building 8-200 at the Brighton Campus. Arrive at 6:00 p.m. to mingle and enjoy some ethnic nibbles and food sampling. The films will be introduced at 6:30 p.m. Two films will be shown concurrently on each of the specified dates. All films have English subtitles. The Foreign Film Fest is free and open to the public.

Louis Silvers
ESOL and Foreign Languages