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New Scheduler in Registration & Records

I am so happy to announce that Lyndsey (Muscato) Presutti has joined the R&R team as our classroom and final exam scheduler, along with a host of other R&R fun activities!  She has been with us for a few weeks, but we have kept her a secret for a number of reasons:

1.      We wanted her to actually be able to log into the system and look at our rooms before you started asking for things from her.

2.      She was hired a few weeks before she got married.  And we didn’t want to confuse you with her new name versus her old name.

3.      We handed her the final exam process and told her to “make it happen.”  She hunkered down with Deborah Benjamin’s notes and Sherrill Ison’s wonderful assistance --- and pulled it off.  The final examination schedule was produced with minimal conflicts and was delivered on time.  If she could do that, then she is ready to handle the MCC faculty.

So, I happily hand her over to you.  She has vast experience with our scheduling software.  She is very creative, energetic and has LOTS of ideas for how to schedule rooms.  I suspect we will be seeing some new and interesting changes in our future.

Like Deborah Benjamin taught us, it is best to communicate with all schedulers through e-mail.  We like our “paper trails” and documentation.  But unlike Ms. Benjamin, you are more than welcome to stop down and say hello in person if you like.  Having visitors in the scheduler’s office will be a big change for R&R.  We are ready for it.

We are so glad to have Lyndsey on our team.  And very special thanks go out to Marisa LaSpina and Denise Calarco for helping us survive and thrive between Deborah’s last day of work and Lyndsey’s first day.  Marisa and Denise did more than just keep us afloat.  They are great employees: smart, hardworking, have positive attitudes and can keep mole hills from becoming mountains.  Plus they kept us all laughing as the pressure started to build when everyone teaching actually wanted classrooms for their courses. (Our faculty can be very needy!)  Thank you to both of them.

Lyndsey can be reached at <>  or by phone at 292-2197.

Elizabeth Ripton