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Why STEM can benefit from the arts and humanities

On Wednesday, April 24, Mike Jacobs, the Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences and Director of the new MCC Institute for the Humanities, was a guest of WXXI's "Connections" radio program with host Evan Dawson. Jacobs was joined by Eric Berridge, the CEO of Bluewolf, an IBM Company, and Amanda Roth, an assistant professor of philosophy and women's studies at SUNY Geneseo, both of whom are speakers for the May 1 event, "Why STEM Needs the Arts & Humanities." The excellent hour-long dialogue and discussion is archived here:

If you are interested in learning more about the connections between STEM fields and the arts/humanities, please register for next week's event:

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Michael Jacobs
Anthrop/History/Poli. Science/Sociology; ESOL/TRS