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AAWCC: GO RED a Success

The American Association for Women in Community Colleges (AAWCC) sponsored MCC’s participation the American Heart Association’s “GO RED FOR WOMEN” day on Friday, February 2. Photos from Brighton and DCC are attached.

The AAWCC Community Service Committee members want to thank you for your support in encouraging women to take charge of their heart health. Donations will be accepted through Friday, February 9. You can write a check payable to the American Heart Association and forward it to Peggy Van Kirk (3-150A) x3441 or visit one of the volunteers listed below to make a generous donation:

Brighton Campus:

Mary Hallett (3-150) x3429 – Instructional Technology Services

Jennifer Kinslow (1-221B) x2297 – Counseling and Advising Center

Charlotte Downing (1-311B) x2188 – Academic Services

Yulanda McKinney (5-541) x3388 – English/Philosophy

Elena Dilai (8-546) x2973 – Mathematics

Denee J. Martin (6-209F) x3126 – Visual and Performing Arts

Diane Clements (8-646) x3312 – Office and Computer Programs

Damon City Campus:

Julie Damerell (4-199) 262-1737 – Transitional Studies

Teresa Schichler (5-018) x1437 – Workforce Development

Vilma Morrow (5-229) x 1746 – Student Services Center

Applied Technologies:

Kristy Mooney-Graves (23-158) x3735 – Applied Technologies

Public Safety Training:

Margie Scahill (1190 Scottsville Rd.) 753-3707 – Public Safety Training Center

photo taken by Vilma Morrow

photo taken by Janet Ekis

    Anne J. Perry
    AAWCC Publicity Chair

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