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Fostering Learning: An Adjunct Faculty Development Model - ITC Audioconference

MCC will host the Instructional Technology Council's professional development audioconference entitled, "Fostering Learning: An Adjunct Faculty Development Model," on Tuesday, December 12 from 2:00-3:00pm in the Board Lounge. The presenters are Brenda Lohri-Posey, Dean of Academic Affairs, and Cathy Bennett, Associate Dean of Learning, Information Services and Technology, Belmont Technical College.

Adjunct faculty are teaching an increasing number of courses at Ohio two-year institutions. Many have little or no knowledge of teaching and learning theory and practice and may have significant time constraints that prohibit participation in structured workshops or other scheduled professional development opportunities. BTC's model of utilizing individualized professional development plans developed as a result of classroom observations and, supported through the Learning Resource Center/Library, allows adjunct faculty to become more effective educators. Utilization of a Web-based Virtual Faculty Lounge extends the support and availability of resources even when the adjunct is not on campus.

To reserve a seat, contact Melissa Burley via email or at Ext. 3017.

Melissa Burley
Educational Technology Services