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MCC Scores High in the NYSMATYC Math League Contest

The Mathematics Department Contest Committee is proud to share the news of two great accomplishments related to our students’ participation in the Fall 2014 New York State Mathematics Association of Two-Year Colleges (NYSMATYC) Math League Contest.  The top individual competitor in the Fall 2014 NYSMATYC Math Contest was Kyle Xiao, an MCC student.  Also, our MCC student team took third place in that contest.

As stated on NYSMATYC’s website, “Each year, NYSMATYC holds two math league competitions in the fall and spring at two-year college campuses across New York State.  Each college encourages students to take a timed exam consisting of approximately twenty questions, of which the top five scores are combined to form that school’s team score.  In the spring, the fall and spring scores are added, and one college is crowned champion for that academic year.  Awards are distributed at the NYSMATYC Annual Conference in April.”

Mathematics Department Contest Committee (Mark Harris, Kim Martello and Paul Seeburger)

Kim Martello