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Mediation Settlement Day - Peace Begins Here

Maureen Erickson, Assessment Coordinator is pleased to announce MCC’s participation in a statewide celebration of Mediation Settlement Day on Thursday, October 19, 2006.  

The inaugural Mediation Settlement Day in 2001 took place in the wake of September 11 and provided a way for participating lawyers, mediators, the NYS Unified Court System and ADR (alternative dispute resolution) practitioners and educators to contribute to the healing of New York City.  New York Governor George E. Pataki issued a first-ever proclamation in support of Mediation Settlement Day.  Since then, the event has been organized and hosted by various communities throughout the state.

This Thursday, area organizations will join NYS Dispute Resolution Association to commemorate Mediation Settlement Day in an effort to raise the awareness of the many benefits of mediation and of the wealth of available resources in Monroe County and the City of Rochester.  Hosted by Monroe Community College, the New York State Dispute Resolution Association (NYSDRA) together with area educators, government agencies, anti-violence groups, community organizations, businesses, private practitioner mediators, attorneys and courts will sponsor the sixth annual Mediation Settlement Day.  This event will take place in the MCC Atrium from 9 am through 2 am. 

From 5:30 – 8:30 pm at the MCC Lecture Hall (Bldg 8, Room 200) Dr. Bernadette Poole-Tracy and Jean Ticen will organize a mock mediation as an educative demonstration of the mediation process.  This will be followed by a facilitated discussion about the significance of mediation and why it is vital to our community during this volatile time in our history.

Please see the following agenda and attached flyer for further information.

Agenda for October 19, 2006


Hosted by Monroe Community College

College Atrium, R. Thomas Flynn Campus Center,

9:00 AM—2:00 PM "Meet and greet" exhibitors who will describe their mediation services, programs, community peace initiatives and resources

9:30 AM Dr. Susan Salvador, MCC VP of Student Services “Civility and Peaceful Means of Resolving Conflicts”                                                                           

10:00 AM Mr. Willie Bontrager, Coordinator for Finger Lakes Restorative Justice Center “Principles of Restorative Justice”                                                                          

10:30 AM Mr. James McCauley, Jr. Coordinator of Partners Against Violence Everyone, “About PAVE“                                                                                  

11:00 AM Mr. Victor Saunders, Director of Pathways to Peace “Youth Initiative Robert J. Duffy Program”                                                                     

11:30 AM Officer Kim Scott, FACIT Coordinator for City of Rochester Police Department “About FACIT: Family and Crisis Intervention Team”                                                                            

12:00 PM Rev. Ronald House, Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks’ Office “Proclamation of Mediation Settlement Day declared in Monroe County”                                                                      

12:15 PM Mr. Darryl Porter Assistant to the Mayor, City of Rochester Mayor Robert J. Duffy’s Office “Proclamation of Mediation Settlement Day declared in Rochester, New York”                                                                                        

12:30 PM Honorable Vincent M. Barone, Village of Fairport Court “The NYS Unified Court System and Community Dispute Resolution Program”                                                                                          

12:45 PM Mr. Fred Chase, Programs Director for Center for Dispute Settlement “CDS: the first Community Dispute Resolution Center in New York”

And then…

MCC’s Lecture Hall, bldg. 8, Room 200, Parking Lot K

5:30 PM—7:30 PM
Observe a Mock Mediation demonstrating the mediation process, facilitated by Dr. Bernadette Poole Tracy.

Participate in a facilitated discussion about how mediation can help address local, contemporary issues and prevent acts of violence.

Maureen Erickson
Curriculum & Development

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